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The Angry Birds loading screen

Angry Birds
is a puzzle game developed by Finland-based Rovio Mobile. It is a physics-based game in which players use a slingshot to launch a variety of birds at pigs that are stationed within and around various destructible and indestructible structures with the intent of destroying all pigs in the playfield.

The game was first released to Apple iOS devices in December 2009 through Apple's App Store. Later on the company designed versions for other touchscreen phone platforms including Android and Symbian^3. Rovio has also released stand-alone holiday versions of the game. Free ad-supported versions of the game have also been released.

Angry Birds have been praised for its simple but addictive gameplay and low price. Versions for Windows and Mac OS X have been created because of its popularity. A Playstation mini game has also been released for the PlayStation Portable which is also playable on the PlayStation 3. Ports for the Xbox 360 , Wii and DS systems have been proposed as well.

Special EditionsEdit


A Halloween themed playfield in Angry Birds Seasons

In October 2010, Rovio released a special Halloween edition of the game. The version, exclusive to Apple iOS at the time and a separate application from the main game, included new levels with Halloween-themed music and graphics. In December 2010, Rovio released Angry Birds Seasons to iOS, Android and Symbian^3 devices. Seasons introduced 25 Christmas-themed levels, one for each day leading to the holiday, similar to an Advent calendar. All versions include the previously-exclusive Halloween levels and are offered as separate, stand-alone paid applications, with the exception of the free, ad-supported Android version; Angry Birds Halloween users on iOS received the Seasons levels as a free upgrade.

Android versionEdit

Angry Birds for Android is available as a free ad-supported game in the Android Market as paid applications are not supported on Android in some nations. An ad-free paid version is expected to be released soon.

Compatibility with the Galaxy TabEdit

The game is fully compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Tab. No issues have been found so far.

Other versions of Angry Birds, including Angry Birds Seasons, should work as well.

Download instructionsEdit

To download the game on the Samsung Galaxy Tab or any other Android device you may search "Angry Birds" in the Market app. Alternatively, you may use a barcode scanner to scan the QR code below:

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You may also download the game from GetJar .

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