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QR code containing the URL

Many articles in this wiki will contain images that look like the one on the right. They are known as QR codes which are machine-readable images that can contain information such as text and links. To read them on the Samsung Galaxy Tab a barcode scanning application must be installed.

Installing a barcode scannerEdit

There are many barcode scanner apps for Android devices that are compatible with the Galaxy Tab. One such app is creatively called Barcode Scanner. Barcode Scanner is free and it can be downloaded from the Android Market app.

You may also use the mirror link at to download the app's APK installer from your device or computer. If you downloaded it on your computer you will have to send it to your device via Bluetooth or transfer the file via USB and run the APK from the appropriate directory.

Using Barcode ScannerEdit

Barcode Scanner App

Screenshot of the Barcode Scanner App after scanning the QR code from this page.

Using the Barcode Scanner app is pretty straight-forward. Simply follow the steps below:
  1. Run the app on your Samsung Galaxy Tab
  2. Point the camera to the QR code on your screen. You may use the one above if you wish to do so. Make sure that the QR code fits in the viewfinder rectangle. The orientation does not matter. You will hear a beep when the scan is successful.
  3. You will then see the content of the QR code and some additional information. Specific buttons will show up at the bottom of the screen depending on the content. For example, if you scanned a QR code to download an app or game you will see an "open in browser" button.

Other types of barcodes may also be scanned using Barcode Scanner so it may also be used to scan the ISBN code of a book or barcode number of a product to gather more information about them from the internet.